Rebuilt Pipe Organs as Hybrid Organs

A new case proposal for a rebuilt pipe organ with digital additions in the South of England.

As the needs placed upon pipe organs in churches have changed and, often, the liturgical focus moved in the building, we are finding that many existing pipe organs are no longer a perfect fit for their buildings and congregations. The move from the ‘Oxford movement’ focus of choir and clergy at the far East end to nave-centred worship has meant that many existing pipe organs are quite often and unintentionally simply in the wrong place. As experienced and passionate church organists ourselves, we understand and can overcome this perfectly.

Our experienced team are able to rebuild your pipe organ, whether in its current location or in a new one, with additional digital stops, or even complete divisions. Many Chancel organs have to work incredibly hard to support a Nave-based congregation, or even to accompany a choir that has been moved westwards. We can easily add a separate ‘Nave division’ to existing pipe organs in order to overcome this.

Increasingly, we find that the space traditionally utilised to house a pipe organ is required for other growing demands. We are able to sympathetically rebuild and reconfigure an existing instrument to fit seamlessly into a different space, providing digital voices for some of the larger pipes to reduce the footprint. New casework and consoles can also easily be incorporated. Quite frankly, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination!